Light Your Candle

So if you know me (like, at all) you know I'm an inspiration junkie. I always have been. Even as a teenager, when friends were reading teen romance novels, you could find me in the "Self Help" section. 

Aside: Can we please think of another name for that section? Doesn't that sound so depressing? Half the time I'm in there, I feel like yelling "I'm normal, I promise!" to anyone who walks by. Which, in fact, just means I'm not.

But I digress. Back to the point...

Inspiration is extremely important to me, and even more so the older I get. I love learning about how to be the "best me." About mindfulness and living in the moment. About spirituality and how it drives us in our lives. 

A few years back, when I was in the throws of young motherhood, I started a daily habit. It was the tiniest thing, really. I read it in a self-help book. But little did I know it would become so crucial for my well-being. The book I was reading at the time suggested that at the end of each day, as soon as the kids were in bed, you do something specific to signify your work day ending. This is SO IMPORTANT for Moms, because we're never really off-duty. But doing something specific to remind yourself that you can, in fact, "punch out" so essential for true REST.

My thing? Lighting a candle. It was so simple, but so vital to my survival. Every night, after I put the kids to bed, I'd shut their doors, get into my robe (of course) and light my candle. It became my favorite part of the day. 

My kids are older now (by a few years, at least) but I still enjoy this little habit. There's just something about that one simple the flame. To me it signifies keeping my own light alive; remembering who I am, outside of my duties and Motherly responsibilities. Lighting that candle every night reminds me to pour into my cup, so that I can pour into others'. 

When I found Mercy Candles, it was like my two favorite worlds colliding. Each candle is based on an inspirational scripture or hymn that feeds our soul. I love their scents, I love how clean they burn, and I love that I can choose my nightly candle based on what I need at that very moment. Sometimes I need to Be Still, sometimes I need to know It Is Well, and sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am rooted in His Garden

I am so extremely honored to be carrying Mercy Candles in my growing HOME collection, because it's everything I want The Festive Farmhouse to be about. Love. Hope. Inspiration. And Authenticity. 

I truly hope you'll find one you love, and light it every night in honor of that you, in turn, can shine bright for others.

Have a wonderful day, friends. And shine on, as always.