I've had a few requests to jot down our "Summer Plan" here on the blog. Ironically, that makes it sound like an actual plan, when it's really much more like "guidelines." But that's the beauty of it. It takes little to no planning, but gives us some much needed structure, and keeps us sane. We like to fly by the seat of our pants around here, and this allows us to do just that. No stress. No fuss. Just fun.

So here's a little cheat sheet. It may not be rocket science, but it's what works for us.


We got this idea from our sweet friend Cynthia (Cynthia Harper Living). Instead of getting overwhelmed with a large bucket list (that can quickly backfire and turn your Summer into, well, a giant list) have each family member pick one thing they really want to do. Then as you move through your Summer, pick the right time to check each one off the list. It's brilliant. Everyone gets a fun adventure, without stressing Momma (or her wallet) out. 



For weeks that we have no camps or VBS planned, we tend to get a little (okay a lot) lazy. So theme days are great for us to, you know, remember what day it is. 

In all seriousness, I find that this one simple thing helps combat the Summer boredom so effectively. I've also found that if I really plug into my children early in the day, that they are more likely to enjoy playing on their own in the afternoons (so Momma can get some work done.) 

Make it Monday

On Mondays, we make something. (Mean Girls, anyone?) No really, it doesn't matter what it is. The only goal here is to make something together. You can plan something big, or fly by the seat of your pants. 


-Make cookies

-Make a fort

-Make a lemonade stand

-Make wall art

-Make and race paper boats

-Make Dinner together

Teaching Tuesday

On Tuesdays, we teach. (It was funnier the first time.) Every Tuesday I pick something simple that I've been wanting/needing to teach the boys. A good tip on this one, I try to plan both lessons with real life lessons. That allows me to teach them the important things, while mixing in a little fun. And again, I jot my ideas down but that's about all the planning I do. I pick each "lesson" the night before. Easy peasy.


-Learn about sharks (Shark Week!)

-Learn to ride a bike without training wheels

-Learn how to juggle

-Learn about emotions

-Learn about body safety

Wacky Wednesday

The whole goal of Wacky Wednesday is to do something that blows your kids minds. Do something crazy. Something they would never expect Mom to do. Trust me, this will quickly become their favorite day!


-Put them to bed, then wake them up to go get ice cream

-Go out to breakfast in your pajamas (yes, all of you!)

-Go on a wacky adventure (glow in the dark putt putt, etc.)

-Make breakfast for dinner

-Glow stick swimming (at night)

Thankful Thursday

On Thursdays we focus on gratitude. We recognize every gift we've been given, and try to give back to others. We choose one service project, or one person to bless. 


-Bring someone flowers

-Volunteer together at church

-Make cards for the local nursing home

-Find a homeless shelter, ask what they need, and take it to them

-Bake cookies for the fire department

Fun Friday

Fridays are all about the fun! This is the day when we do our big bucket list items. We celebrate the end of the work week for Mommy and Daddy, and kick off the weekend in the best way possible. TOGETHER!

Ideas: See below!


We usually don't do one large bucket list, but when I saw these posters from Belle Bucket I couldn't resist. And y'all. My kids freaked. It actually cracked me up, because all I really did was jot down each family member's bucket list item, a few ideas for Teaching Tuesday and Make it Monday, along with some other family adventures we'd already had planned. But you would have thought I was Santa Claus in the flesh! I wish I had captured it on video. They were holding hands and jumping up and down, pouring over every item. I love that they get to check the items off the list, and that Momma has a place to keep it all organized. Total WIN!


-Go to a water park

-Stay up until Midnight

-Play in the Sprinklers

-Go on a picnic

-Explore a National Park

-Have and outdoor movie night

So there you go! That's what we do. It's not too much, but it's just enough to give us a little Summer structure while not suffocating spontaneous fun. I hope it's helpful as you dive into Summer! (See what I did there???)

Happy Tuesday, friends!