The Festive Farmhouse



In the wild, female elephants literally form a circle around sisters who are hurting, grieving, be it going labor or wounds from an outside source. And often, they will even kick dirt up around her to mask her scent of turn, keeping her safe from predators. 

The moral of the story is this: This is what we do. This is who we are. And this is who we are meant to be for each other. We all have elephants in our lives. Sometimes we are the ones in the middle, and sometimes we're on the outside kicking up dirt with fierce, fierce love. I decided in that very moment that I would be getting ALL of the "elephants" in my life a special ornament for Christmas. So I set out to create one...

This recycled steel ornament has a gorgeous industrial-rustic vibe. And the twine gives it a perfectly imperfect farmhouse feel. Buy one for your own tree, or buy a few to share. And since each ornament comes with a special "thank you for being my elephant" card, you can give them to all the "elephants" in your life.

Ornament Size: 2.5" x 4" 

Made from salvaged, recycled steel which means that each sheet (batch) will differ in tint and sheen. Some will be dark, some will be shiny, and some will have slight rustic wear. Each elephant is different, much like the beautiful friends in our lives.

A beautiful patina of rust can also be brought out by a minimal amount of exposure to humidity. If the rust is unwelcome you may rub grade 3 coarse steel wool over the top to remove any and/or all rust.


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