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I once saw a beautiful painting depicting the loss of a child. It showed a mother on her knees, with a hole where her heart once was. I've never seen an image communicate emotion so accurately.

As someone who's suffered from pregnancy loss, I know the pain all too well. But I also know, in my heart, that my baby will always be with me. We have an ornament that we put on our tree every year, as a reminder of his life. And it brings me such peace, not only remembering him...but his place in our family.

For anyone who has suffered from pregnancy, stillbirth, or infant loss...may this ornament be a reminder that they will always hold a special place in your heart.

Measures 2 x 4 and comes with a keepsake card

Made from salvaged, recycled steel which means that each sheet (batch) will differ in tint and sheen. Some will be dark, some will be shiny, and some will have slight rustic wear. 

A beautiful patina of rust can also be brought out by a minimal amount of exposure to humidity. If the rust is unwelcome you may rub grade 3 coarse steel wool over the top to remove any and/or all rust.

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