The Festive Farmhouse



When we first moved to our farmhouse, we saw cardinals around every turn. In fact, there's a section of our daily country drive that we refer to as "Cardinal Alley" because of the sheer number of them. Eventually, I got curious. So I decided to learn more about them. And what I found was so unbelievably beautiful...

Cardinals are truly majestic creatures. They mate for life, they are non-migratory birds (so they remain in their immediate area all their lives and all year long, protecting their land) and after the couple gives birth, both parents work together to assure the health, welfare and security of their family unit. 

In many traditions, cardinals have also been known as the most noteable spiritual messenger. It is widely believed that when a cardinal is spotted, it is a loved one paying you a visit from Heaven. They arrive when we need them most, when we need spiritual guidance or to feel the love of someone we lost. They are God's messengers.

Once I learned all of the above, I knew the cardinal needed a special place in my shop. And this keepsake sculpture was the perfect piece. Give it to your significant other for Valentine's day, to thank them for standing by you. Or give it to a loved one who has just lost someone important. It's a meaningful gift they are sure to love.

Bird measures 6 1/2 inches from tail to beak and 4 1/2 inches from head to toe. 

Use screws (not included) to attach outside your window, a fence post or other fixture. Two screw holes are made into the bottom of the piece. Comes with a card that tells the story of the spiritual cardinal. 

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