In 2016, our lives took a wild turn. One we were never expecting, but one we embraced fully. Because when God calls you on one of the biggest adventures of your listen.

We gave up everything we knew and moved to the middle of nowhere...on a whim. And we've never looked back. 

Don't get us wrong, farm life is not without its challenges (which we share about FREELY on our Instagram). But we've learned to accept them as a part of our journey.

This is where we share our little slice of life. Our adventures, our projects, and our little family business...The Festive Farmhouse Shop

Products that inspire, gifts from the heart, and posts that enrich your life. Everything at The Festive Farmhouse has a deeper meaning. Whether it's making you laugh, healing your heart, or giving back to those in need...our aim is to brighten your days in the ways that matter most. 

Welcome to the farm. We're glad you're here.