The Festive Farmhouse



The thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices...

I honestly could think of no better lyric for this past year in history. The world is weary, but we rejoice in the hope of the Lord.

This hand lettered hanging scroll captures the very heart of Christmas itself. Hang it over your fireplace, bed, or anywhere else you please. It's a true statement piece.

Scroll comes in one large roll, along with wooden dowel rod, twine, and clips. To hang, simply unroll the desired amount on the bottom and pin with clips (so that they're hidden). Then insert the dowel rod through the top scroll, and hang to the desired length. Ships in a protective cardboard tube. Keep it for storage and hang from year to year!

Measures approx. 30" x 31" (length can be change depending on how much you choose to unroll)

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