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    The Spiritual Messenger

    The Spiritual Messenger

    When we first moved to our farmhouse, we saw cardinals around every turn. In fact, there's a section of our daily drive that we lovingly refer to as "Cardinal Alley" because they are literally everywhere you look. From day one, they have fascinated me...mostly because of the way they fly. They dive through the air so fearlessly and purposefully, as if they are begging for our attention.

    Eventually (because of the sheer number of them) I got curious. Was it a fluke? Was it "cardinal season?" Is there even such a thing as cardinal season???

    Or was it a sign? Was it possible they were trying to tell me something?

    So I decided to learn more about them. And what I found was so unbelievably beautiful...

    For centuries, cardinals have been known as protectors and spiritual messengers. It is believed that when a cardinal is spotted, it is actually a loved one visiting from Heaven. They show up when we need them most, when we need to feel their presence, or when we're needing spiritual guidance.

    The word cardinal itself is derived from the Latin word "cardo", meaning hinge or axis. Like a hinge on a door, the cardinal acts as the hinge on the doorway between Heaven and Earth, carrying messages back and forth. 

    The meaning took my breath away. And it suddenly made complete sense...

    You see, we live in an area that is rich in history. Our home is right in between two historic churches, dating back 150 years. It's one of the reasons we fell in love with this countryside. It is full of meaning, tradition, and wonderful stories. Not only that, but so much of the history has been preserved. They don't tear things down here like they do in Dallas. And because of that, you can practically feel the presence of the past...and all those who lived here.

    I immediately knew that "our cardinals" were their messengers, checking on their homesteads and surveying their family land. Bringing peace to the generations that live here now. And the thought of it made made my heart so happy. 

    From day one of The Festive Farmhouse, I have felt a deep calling to make products that mean something. Items that bring comfort and peace and happiness when we need it most. And when the cardinals made themselves known, I knew I needed to create something. Which is why I am so thrilled to introduce our newest addition to The Festive Farmhouse. You can read more about it here.

    I hope it inspires you, brings peace, and helps you to see every cardinal in a brand new light.




    'Tis the Season

    'Tis the Season
    This time of year always leaves me feeling a little run down. Okay, that's a lie. It leaves me feeling A LOT run down. But 'tis the Season, right?

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    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

    We were ready.

    Like I said before, no judgement when it comes to Christmas decor and when you decorate. Sometimes we decorate early, sometimes we don't. But this year, with so much going on in our household, I wanted to be done. I wanted to come home from Thanksgiving with my family, and enjoy Christmas....

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    Baby It's Cold Outside...

    Baby It's Cold Outside...

    Can I just take a second? Let me tell you a little story. It's about a girl, who once had a dream about designing her own holiday line. Understated, rustic, modern and elegant...

    That same girl loved holidays for as long as she could remember. When she was little, she used to drive her mother crazy...begging to decorate for holidays (even when it was months too early). 

    Fast forward to a few years ago. That little girl, all grown up, decided it was time to take charge of her own life. She wanted to live for herself, on her terms, and create what she wanted to.

    And so The Festive Farmhouse was born. It started as a combination of all things vintage, home, and holiday. But with an unplanned (yes, unplanned) move to the country, it took a back seat to helping her family adjust. But once they were settled she poured her heart back into it. 

    She dreamed big, worked hard and she wouldn't take no for an answer. And on pins and needles, she introduced her first holiday design into the world. A mug...just one of twenty creative babies she had been nurturing. 

    She ordered a modest amount, because she wasn't sure what the future would hold...

    And she's been packaging boxes ever since.

    Y'all. We're on our third round of re-orders for this mug. And I get it, it's just a mug. But really, it's so much more to me. I couldn't be more grateful. And I can't wait to show you the rest of the line on 11/24. 

    We'll be sneaking in new products up until the launch, so be sure to check back. Not gonna lie, y'all have me all nervous over what is going to sell out! 

    Thank you, friends, for making this girl's dream a reality. Thank you for BEING The Festive Farmhouse. You are such a bright light to me.  

    XOXO, Alli


    Inspired Conversations

    Inspired Conversations

    I love connecting with you guys. Truly I do. I believe that connection drives everything we do in life, whether we realize it or not. It's a massive part of my mission for The Festive Farmhouse for that very reason. I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Dr. Janet Lee for her podcast series focusing on "conversations about change." It was such an honor. And not only that, it was tons of fun. If you'd like to take a listen you can find it here

    Talking about life is my JAM, you guys. Mix in a little creativity, design, and vintage-talk and well...I was on cloud nine.

    I am so grateful to each and every one of you for supporting this little dream of mine. I hope that sharing my story inspires you to go out on a limb in your own life. Because we all know that's where the fruit is. 

    Happy listening!

    Dr. Janet Lee (Episode 24): Allison Aars, Founder of The Festive Farmhouse